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Universal-Effects NewsLetter 2013

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

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Universal-Effects Welcome

Extra                                    Shooter at Inox Festival 2013

Carl Cox                                    at Inox Festival 2013

Stage-Co2                                    Led at Inox Festival 2013


The Inox Festival in Spring 2013 – Electro-Dance & Special Effects !
Electronic music and Universal-Effects Special Effects is always an explosive cocktail ! During 3 days, the greatests DJ, Carl Cox, Axwell, Joachim Garraud, The collectif Reepublik, … have mixed and animated crazy nights with UE effects Power Streamer & Shooter, Power Stage Co2 Led and our famous Power DecoAir Led hanging in every positions.

Lets join the Universal-Effects Power user now :

Equip yourself with best Special Effects machines for your technical performances !


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UE Smoke                                    on Quebec Show

Will I AM                                    on Stage

Fashion                                    Week Show


Universal-Effects provides SFX to Theme Parcs and Shows !
This year, the largest Theme Parks of France and Europe are equipped with UE Machines.

Also a lot of Shows are using UE every where, every time ! Wind, Bubble, Snow, Confetti, Co2, our products will dazzle even kids and adults in an industry surging and always very innovative.

Enjoy our technical solutions dedicated to your activity :

Equip yourself with the best Special Effects machines for your technical performances !


Join us ! follow us ! and watch us ! on the Social Networks.
Play, Comment and Like your favorite Events with UE !

All Universal-Effects news on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Join us in a community around Special Effects and Like the most beautiful performance of the Power user with our machines.
Lets share your know-how and send us your photo reports and movies,
Highlite your most beautiful performances with our machines !

The best movies and reports will be published on our Youtube channel & our Facebook page !


And get an iPad Mini Apple and many UE gifts after choice

of the best reports by our jury !  Play before end of September 2013.

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WiDMXbyPhone Now Available at Special Price

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Dear Customer,

WiDMX by Phone is the new product that allows to connect wifi enabled mobile devices directly to DMX fixtures equipped with WiDPen_Pro receivers.
It works with Art-Net DMX applications for iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows and Mac OS, providing a total mobility control. The future is now!

The new artTV from IMAGE

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The new artTV from IMAGE

Logo IMAGE Screens                            GmbH


Enjoy the ultimate design solution for reconciling your audio-video needs and lifestyle. Introducing the artTV,
another industry first creation from IMAGE-Screens of Germany.
Makers of projection screens extraordinaire. 
artTV reflects your individuality and the beauty and uniqueness of your décor.

IMAGE artTV contains

  • your choice of art work, masterfully printed in HD and integrated within your screen on any of IMAGE-Screen projection surfaces.
    This technology cleverly hides the speakers and TV while not in use, yet passing music in full fidelity when the art work is in place.
  • a breathtaking IMAGEmusic active or passive audio system of your choice, tailored to your room’s size
  • A super-short-throw FULL-HD IMAGE Projector with 3.500 ANSI Lumens of brightness for breathtaking home theater experience, with or without the lights on.  The result? Reference performance that only IMAGE’s unique approach of precision and old world craftsmanship can deliver.

  • your choice of IMAGE-Screens?s finest screen surfaces, Gaincharts . As just two examples, consider NivoNova for ambient light condition, or Vevo Acoustic BS 65K that is rapidly becoming the world standard for professional movie production studios around the globe.

  • an IMAGE-Screen masking screen that changes function from TV viewing to changing aspect ratio for maximum contrast ratio when the projector is in use with any source material (broadcast TV, movies, cinemascope movies etc.).

Frontprojection   SuperShort Projection   rear Projection  
asd awsd asd

TV mode without Masque

s s s s s

TV mode with Masque

s s s s s

Just press one button and it changed from the TV mode in the Cinema mode

s s s s s

Cinema mode whitout Masque

s s s s s

Cinema mode whit Masque

s s s s s




All IMAGE Screens Product?s are “handmade in germany”.

Aktion / Action / Azione Althof CEE Verlängerungen/ Multipoolkabel

Saturday, July 20th, 2013


Titanex CEE 16 Verlängerungen 16 Ampère 5×2.5mm2 mit Mennekes Steckverbindern
Rallonge Titanex CEE 16 ampères 5×2.5mm2

 5 m CHF  65.-
10 m CHF  95.-
15 m CHF 129.-
20 m CHF 160.-
25 m CHF 195.-
30 m CHF 225.-
35 m CHF 260.-
40 m CHF 290.-
50 m CHF 360.-



Titanex CEE 32 Verlängerungen 32 Ampère 5x6mm2 mit Mennekes Steckverbindern
Rallonge Titanex CEE 32 ampères 5x6mm2

5 m CHF 110.-
10 m CHF 180.-
15 m CHF 255.-
20 m CHF 325.-
25 m CHF 400.-
30 m CHF 470.-
35 m CHF 540.-
40 m CHF 615.-
50 m CHF 760.-



Titanex CEE 63 Verlängerungen 63 Ampère 5x16mm2 mit Mennekes Steckverbindern
Rallonge Titanex CEE 63 ampères 5x16mm2

 5 m CHF 330.-
10 m CHF 505.-
15 m CHF 675.-
20 m CHF 855.-
25 m CHF 1030.-
30 m CHF 1210.-
40 m CHF 1550.-
50 m CHF 1900.-

Titanex CEE 125 Verlängerungen 125 Ampère 5x125mm2 mit Mennekes Steckverbindern
Rallonge Titanex CEE 125 ampères 5x125mm2

5 m CHF   995.-
10 m CHF 1390.-
15 m CHF 1820.-
20 m CHF 2180.-
25 m CHF 2570.- 



Harting Kabel mit 16-Pol Steckern (18×1.5mm2) Softlex-JZ
Câble Harting 16-pôles 18×1.5mm2 Softlex-JZ

10 m CHF 220.-
15 m CHF 260.-
20 m CHF 310.-
25 m CHF 360.-




Socapex Lastkabel Phase3 (18×1.5mm2)
Socapex câble de charge Phase3 (18×1.5mm2)

 5 m CHF 290.-
10 m CHF 340.-
20 m CHF 440.-
25 m CHF 490.-

Bulletin d’informations Chromateq – Newsletter

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Chromateq Newsletter

Contrôles d’éclairages Chromateq – Bulletin de juillet 2013 –   In English: ??:    

Le Logiciel Pro DMX est prêt

Après plusieurs mois de développement et de tests fonctionnels, toute l’équipe Chromateq est heureuse de proposer la 1ère version officielle du dernier logiciel Pro DMX (V1.0.3).
Ce nouveau logiciel offre des possibilités de contrôle DMX beaucoup plus puissantes et comblera les utilisateurs les plus exigeants.
Vous pouvez découvrir l’ensemble des fonctionnalités et télécharger le logiciel sur notre site.
Seul le coffret CLUB DMX est compatible avec le Pro DMX.

(images + détails) En savoir plus…

Driver USB Windows signé

Afin de faciliter l’installation de notre driver USB sous Windows (32 et 64 bit) et répondre au standard de Microsoft, nous offrons une version signée de notre driver USB (compatible Windows 8). Le driver est disponible sur note site et aussi suite à l’installation des logiciels.

Projets architecturaux 2013

Nous remercions nos clients d’avoir choisi la solution Chromateq pour leur projets et nous les félicitons pour leurs compétences techniques au tavers de différents projets réalisés en 2013.

Luminergie (Canada) : 8 univers DMX en mode autonome.
NYX Atelier (France) : 2 univers DMX commandé par le LED Player.
Focusled (Chine) : 4 univers DMX en mode autonome.

Vous pouvez retrouver les vidéos sur youtube (chromateq) et les photos des projets sur notre site.

(images + détails) En savoir plus…